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The GelStation Range

The GelStation range was designed and created to fill the gap in the market for a multi-event event solution, capable of surviving outdoors, with varying footfall whilst remaining easy for the event organiser to manage.
GelStation - Box


GelBox - Box


GelHub - Box


Send Us Your Requirements

How many stations do you require? Unsure? We can help!

We Go To Work!

We'll calculate how much fluid you need to keep you fully stocked.

We Deliver

We'll get your GelStation and requested fluid over to you.

Collection and Refund

At the end of your event, we'll collect the GelStation and refund any unopened fluid.

our services

About The Range




Our Unique Touchless Event Solution

Made in the UK and re-brandable via magnetic signage, the GelStation is suited for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Solid Steel Design

Folded mild steel construction is rigid, strong (and magnetic), whilst keeping costs down.

Easy To Re-stock

The double touchless pods are bulk fill and run on AA batteries.

Maximum Compatibility

The GelBox is our solution for constant footfall following a demand for robust, on-site units.

Numerous Rigging options

Scaffold clamps, pedestrian banner attachments or temporary fencing clips. Or drilled into a wall!

Easily Refillable

With a 5L capacity the GelBox can cope with over 2000 pairs of hands before needing to be refilled. Refilling is as simple as switching out the bottle with a new one.

Designed For Stadium And Other High Footfall Events

These easily deployable units are perfect for entrances, toilet blocks or any other high footfall areas.


Made from lightweight aluminium - and wheeled, these GelHub units are easy to move and manage.

Hard Wearing

Bulk fill stainless steel pods make refilling a breeze, but also ensures that these units survive events with even the most excitable fans!

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